My favorite part of the experience was watching our group, many who were strangers to each other, work together with one mission; to love and serve Christ and one anther.  We were the body of Christ on day one, but together felt the pulse of Christ and one another by the end of the week.

shapeimage_4The highlight of my week would have to be our final sweep through the church on the last day.  I had worked on the church on the first and last days, and the transformation thanks to the group’s efforts was nothing short of extraordinary.  I was able to finish the project on the last day and compare the finished image with the memories that I had of the church before we started working.  I could really see how much of a difference we had made on the church, making all the work feel worthwhile.  The hand of God was present in the finished project and I think Him for the opportunity to have such an experience.

Putting the final screw on the ramp was definitely the highlight of the week.  The sense of accomplishment was awesome!

I just loved praying together with the site supervisor, the family, and their friends.  It put it all in perspective to hold hands and feel the love of God in the house we were working in.  The animals were in the room too, everyone who went through the disaster; we could feel the power of God’s children helping God’s children.  We all will never forget that moment and this experience. shapeimage_5 (1)

I think the best part of the week would have been seeing the smiles on the family’s faces when we got there every morning.  It made it all worth while.

The highlight of the week was meeting the people of West Virginia and hearing their stories.

The best part of the week was getting to know my team mates and growing closer to God.

Building the ramp wasn’t my favorite part.  I had gone inside and the woman living there was so excited to see me working there. we had a conversation about the work we were doing, her grandkids, my family and just about everything else. It was awesome to be able to interact with people who lived here.  Not just building things for them but just talking to them you can see how happy it made them.

IMG_2809My highlight of the week was stepping back and observing the porch that we finished.  It was a manifestation of all the work we had done.  I felt proud of my own work as well as my team’s work.  The feeling I got when I saw I was able to help another man was truly a gift to remember.  I had fun while working and would definitely encourage others to join.

Watching Mona’s looks of wonder and unbelief about what was happening to her and hearing her say that  she was blest!

I have often wondered why…I was born with so many opportunities.  My only answer has been that when so much is given, much is required.  It is far too easy to throw only money at those in need.  I am thankful God has give me the chance to work not only in my community but on several mission trips to give to others a part of what has been so GRACEfully given to me–abundantly and running over.